The State of Academic Freedom and Prof Docherty

thomas docherty

On 28 December 2014, hardcover copies of the book “Universities at War” by Professor Thomas Docherty started to be available at Amazon. The author is professor of English and of comparative literature at the University of Warwick and has published books on his broad reaching specialisations.

Prof Docherty has just been reinstated to his lecturer work in Warwick’s English and Comparative Literary Studies programme in September. By that time, it was already nine months after the start of his six months suspension while investigation on the charges against him was on going. It was also reported that he has been banned from any contact with his colleagues or students and had also been prevented from attending an even and writing a book preface. Reports have it that all such complaints, which could have him fired from the university, will be dropped. Continue reading

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Ucas Admissions Process and Clearing Key Dates


Getting into university is not simple. You need to know the process involved to be able to get there in the shortest time possible. This is especially so because if you miss a step in the procedure, it can cause delay.

Here is a simplified timeline of the process of Ucas admission and clearing to help you. Continue reading

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Steps in How to Write a Science Essay

science class students

Yesterday, a friend of mine approached me for help because he knew that I also take on writing jobs on different projects aside from the other freelance work I do like tutoring young university students down to school children. His problem is his science essay.

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How to Take Care of Your Health

stress limits

Health is wealth. You have to value it; or else, you will regret when you get sick. A healthy body is your least expensive capital which can yield you the greatest returns. If you are healthy, you can work well and earn. If you are sick, you cannot do your job and lose your pay. Resting, relaxing and “being lazy” are ways which can help you keep yourself healthy.

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How to Live a Simple Life

over analysing

Problems are perennial in people’s lives. However, they and their effects can be minimised. This way, we will be able to live better and happier lives. To be able to solve, reduce and prevent problems, we should identify them and their causes. One big source of difficulties in life is living a complicated one. Living a simple life is the key to a happier one.

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The Benefits of Writing

benefits of writing

Writing is very beneficial. When you write, you learn, communicate and improve. The process of writing starts with a topic or the search for one. In this step you are able to learn about the topics you consider to write and the one you finally choose to write. Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Get Things Done Sometimes

topsy turvy room

There are times when I can’t seem to get things going in some areas of my life. I am busy with work in the office, studying in school and tutoring students in subjects in which they need to catch up. There are times when, even though I get things done in schedule in one or more of these roles I have, I feel there is something dragging me at the back of my mind. Then I try to think harder why I feel this way. Then I realise that there is a thing or two I need or want to do but was not able to. So, I ask myself why is this so and what causes it. Continue reading

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